Lochsa River Primus surfing the Boise River Chris 'Crash' Peterson surfing in Montana Surfing Hanging at the Boise River Boise River Boise River Chris "Crash" Peterson surfing

Welcome to Idaho Surf Company,

Idaho surf company has been established to provide information, photos, videos, and more about the exhilarating sport of river surfing. River surfing is becoming more popular to residents of landlocked states. Surfing the river requires a specific geological setting, and a high flow rate of water measured in cubic feet per second (cfs). It also requires an understanding of the river flows, features, currents, setting, and techniques involved with safely passing through rapids with a surfboard acting as the personal flotation device. On this site you will find photography by Chris Peterson, our collection of surf videos, river flow charts, Boise River Web Cam courtesy of the Boise River Park and Boise City Parks & Recreation, and much more. So if you have always wanted to surf, ISC is your ticket there.